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To maximize the sale of your home today it is very important to both have a good knowledge and feel of the market right now and also do the homework required to come up with an accurate analysis of your homes current value, and combine that with the most effective marketing available.

It is also important to realize how much of an emotional time it will be, from the memories your are leaving, to the anticipation of the new beginning in another home.  

To properly sell your home today requires a combination of proper pricing, and proper marketing.

Setting the right price is essential, for the following simple reasons:

​if you set your price too high, your home won't even be chosen for viewing (you won't even get the opportunity for them to see what made yours special and worth choosing)

If you set your price too low, you run the risk of short-changing yourself  (though one of the real aspects of todays market is that the buyers tend to bring a low price up to where it belongs through competition).

To assist you in determining that right price, I will use comparable sales, competitive listings, and current market conditions.

  • Comparable Sales are the best single indicator of your homes current value.  The price you set for your home will not only be compared to other available homes for sale, but also with those most like yours that have recently sold.  These recent (or comparable) sales actually show what buyers are willing to pay, because they have just paid it for a similiar property.  The other importance of comparable sales is that the buyers appraisal for his loan is going to be based soley on these recent sales.
  • ​Competitive Listings are not necessarily as accurate an indicator, but important nonetheless as they are your competition.  We want to take a look at what the buyers that are going to be looking a your home are also looking at.
  • Market conditions should also be taken into consideration.  How quickly prices are going up (thankfully) is the main consideration. But also the number of other houses like yours that are for sale right now, how long it is taking them to sell, and how many qualified buyers are in the market right now should be considered.

By combining these, I come up with what we call a 'Brokers Price Opinion' or BPO.  This is exactly what it states, My opinion of the proper price to list your home to sell it in a reasonable time in todays market, based on the results of my homework listed above.  OF COURSE, the final price is set by you, the seller, based on your situation and my recommendations.

Through my Multiple Listing Service as a Realtor I will have your house in front of every other real estate agent in California (with a few exceptions), offering them half of the sales commission as incentive to bring our buyer.  Through Century 21 I will advertise your home on over 100 different websites, including Realtor.com, Trulia, and the other major sites.  I will also feature it on my own 5 personal websites, and others.  I will hold open houses, inform the neighborhood, and of couse put up the for sale sign of the most recognized professional real estate company in the world ( Century 21), of course with your approval.

I look forward to helping you with a smooth and worry-free sale.